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Advanced algorithms that
analyse SCADA sensor data for suspicous activity.
Operating in real-time for instant alerts.

Tritium X4™ is your first step to SCADA Intelligence. It is the process by which we understand your wind turbines’ SCADA data format, frequency of recordings, and the quality of the data. We use this to train our Deuterium X6™ and Gluon X6™ algorithms. Tritium X4™ is also your first audit using SCADA intelligence.


Deuterium X6 Cyber-threat Detection

Deuterium X6™ is the cyber-threat layer that tells you a cyber-attack exists. By monitoring and analysing live SCADA data, it reports the details of suspicious activity directly to you and the people in your team who need to know. Deuterium X6™ has its initial roots in Tritium X4™. It is a platform-as-a-service annual license solution. For cybersecurity, this is an essential component.

Gluon X6 Operational Performance

Gluon X6™ is platform-as-a-service that gives you short- and long-term SCADA sensor analysis. Over 50% of problems are hidden from monitoring until it becomes an expensive problem. These can be related to cyber-attacks, or they can be wear-and-tear. For either case, knowing about them is essential to keep your wind turbines running at their peak.

Customers receive live text messages and emails about their wind turbines. These are delivered as meaningful analysis that can be can acted on. They can also be used with existing maintenance programmes to help plan work.

Your bespoke data format

Our solution creates short mobile phone text messages. This means no apps are required for overviews of individual wind-turbine performance. Your team receives reports and text messages that relate to their needs.


Deuterium X6™ for cyber-threat detection, and Gluon X6™ for operational performance, are available as a platform-as-a-service licence programme. 

Contact us to learn more about licencing

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