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Keep your wind turbines turning with our SCADA Intelligence

We’re changing the way wind turbines cyber-threats are detected

We are a global leading data science business for the wind energy sector. We find the hidden patterns in your SCADA data that tell you about cyber-threats and operational performance. Then you can act, before it becomes an expensive problem.

Cyber-threats are a genuine problem. Cyber-terrorists want to disrupt electricity generation. Your problem is not knowing when the next attack will be, the type of attack, and what damage will happen. At the very least, there will be lost revenue, and a tarnished reputation.

Identifying cyber-threats early is key to protecting critical national infrastructures. Cyber terrorists do get past existing safeguards. Stopping them early is essential. We will find what the attack is, as it is happening. Then you can act as soon as possible.

A cyber-attack can affect the operational performance of your wind turbines. An attack can shut down your wind turbines or manipulate the sensor-data itself to cause damage. By analysing multiple sensor data, we can determine short- and long-term problems.

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Protecting Critical National Intrastructure

Electricity being critical for all nations, it is at a very high risk of cyber-attacks. SCADA is the basis of wind turbine control and data collection. An attack on the control system will affect how your turbines operate. It is therefore vital to know that the SCADA data is correct. If there is an attack, then it must be rapidly detected and reported.

SCADA Intelligence

SCADA Intelligence™ gives you essential insights into existing cyber-attacks and related operational performance. It is a component multi-layer cybersecurity that is essential for critical national infrastructures. When bad actors have bypassed your security, our holistic SCADA Intelligence™ can give you an alert, so that immediate action can be taken.

Time-critical Failure Avoidance

Silogic Technology finds the hidden signs that indicate cyber-attacks and impending turbine failure. This is done in real-time and automatically. It can save you the lost revenue from shutdowns that do not need to happen.

A different approach, using artificial intelligence to predict failures

We are using artificial intelligence to tell you what is going on with your wind turbines and predict their future. It learns about your site. Our solution gives you simple text reports that you can take action on.

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