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Keep your wind turbines turning with predictive maintenance

We’re changing the way wind turbine maintenance is managed

Predictive maintenance could save you £2.3m of unplanned maintenance spending for a 10 x 2MW wind farm. It can prevent over 12% of the downtime caused by serious failures and gives you up to 100 days advance notice of impending problems.

Our artificial intelligence for wind farms enables you to prioritise maintenance within existing contract schedules. Prioritising maintenance and the downtime caused by faults are key problems for wind farms. These cost money and lost revenue from creating electricity. Our technology monitors the health of your turbines. It then gives you advance notice for issues. Making it easier for you to plan the right maintenance.

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Smart maintenance scheduling

Minor faults on your wind-turbines must be stopped from becoming major faults. Major faults are the biggest cause of unplanned downtime. Our system detects growing problems, then targets maintenance needs. It will help plan for essential maintenance to keep your wind-turbines running.

Advance notice of problems

Up to 100 days advance notice of issues with your wind-turbines is possible with our technology. The plain English text reports are sent straight to your email inbox, and to your phone as text messages. The right people get the information they need to make informed judgements on maintenance.

Time-critical failure avoidance

Silogic Technology finds the hidden signs that indicate impending failure. It looks at the relation between temperature, vibration, past events, and what to expect next. This is done in real-time and automatically. It can save you 12% of the lost revenue from shutdowns that do not need to happen.

A different approach, using artificial intelligence to predict failures

We are using artificial intelligence to tell you what is going on with your wind turbines and predict their future. It learns about your site. Our solution gives you simple text reports that you can take action on.

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